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Good work, マリ...
dlksdl;dad;akasjd OH GOD HISTORY FINAL IN 30 MINUTES ksada;d;afajdhakshd

I feel ready for it yet I already know that I'll be forgetting at least a third of whatever I studied yesterday and this morning once the test starts god why am I so much fail |||orz

AND WHY DID MY GAME HAVE TO COME DURING FINALS WEEK??? *SOB* God I want to play it so bad (;A;)

Aaaand since I'm starting to get into PS2 games again, I've become interested in a few titles thanks to i_s_l_a_n_d_rp and chat:

Which game should Mari invest in next?

Persona 3
Persona 4
Tales of the Abyss

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Good work, マリ...
You know, maybe it's because I'm anxiously waiting for my Love Revo! game that I won from Y!auctions to come in the mail soon.

Or maybe it's because I suddenly decided to do a Koisuru Angelique marathon while working on my Japanese translation project last week.

Either way, all I know is that for some reason:

I am on a HUGE Sugita kick right now ヽ(´▽`)/

Not saying that he never was on my list of favorite seiyuu. I mean you have to admit he does an A++ job on Gintoki ♥ And I loved how he portrayed Yuichi from Kanon, and of course Kyon :> But damn, I've never really obsessed over the guy this much before. And when I say obsessed, I mean like how I usually react whenever I hear Koyasu ♥, or Ishida ♥, or SekiToshi ♥

Speaking of which:


And since I'm still on the subject of seiyuu (though I'm probably a little late asking this), who else felt a little warm and fuzzy watching THIS and THIS?
D'awwww Miyano ;w; I love how he's still a huge dork even after getting married and expecting his kid to come.
よかったね、宮野さん! \(^o^)/ お幸せにね〜 
And if there are any idiot fans out actually sending him hate mail to him because of this, I hope you all burn in hell ♥

Finally, all my papers and projects are DONE. And my classes are OVER. Now all I need to do is to get through finals next week orz orz orz
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Good work, マリ...
A quick recap on what's been happening to me for the past few months:

Almost fainting again at work: SUCKED ASS.
Having to do a cat scan and other tests to find the reason behind my sudden fainting: SUCKED ASS.
Paying big bucks for said tests: SUCKED ASS.
Not getting a clear result from said tests in the end: SUCKED MORE ASS.
Not being able to work because of recent health reasons: SUCKED ASS.
This year's Halloween: SUCKED ASS.
Doing a translation project and the teacher does not give you any written guidelines of what she expects: SUCKED ASS.
Doing that same project and the teacher gives you the guidelines orally but not written: SUCKED EVEN MORE ASS.
Being accused more than once from the library about a missing book which I had already returned months ago: SUCKED ASS.
Being forced to listen to Christmas songs on the radio TWO WEEKS EARLIER than usual: SUCKED ASS.
Suddenly being told from an adviser that I may have to change degrees, which would push my graduation to three more years: FUCKING SUCKED ASS.

Overall: things haven't been quite peachy for me lately.
I'm seriously starting to wonder if my lack of appetite lately is due to stress...

Also yayyyy finally getting some free time to fool around on Photoshop again \o/ Which means yaayyyyy new layout and profile GO CHECK THEM OUT :D :D :D
kittycatmew kittycatmew kittycatmew kittycatmew kittycatmew kittycatmew

Featuring the real Saotome-hime ♥ ♥ ♥
And by that I mean the one who doesn't make paper airplanes every fricken minute and has to deal with retarded girlfriends all the time -A-

But yeah, once I saw that boy's calendar hanging on the rack at the store, I fell in love ♥
And when my mother saw that calendar hanging in my room and realized that it was a boy in geisha clothes, I earned another "what is it with you buying calendars of gay guys" lecture (the last one being the time when I brought home a Gackt calendar).

I can't imagine what more she would have said if I had told her that he was also many years younger than me...
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Good work, マリ...
One way to realize that you are an yaoi OTAKU:
When you look at the character

from your kanji review list, and read it as se as in SEME.


New semester started, and I am now taking classes in a whole new campus. I have to say, people were right. University of Hawaii does feel different from the other community colleges. Honestly I'm still getting used to having to walk 15-20 minutes between classes. No wonder I see so many kids here using their skateboards or Razors here just to get to classes.

Another thing that surprised me: my Japanese 301 has quite a bit of people interested in anime. Of course, when I say "interested in anime", I mean that there's people that have ONLY watch the mainstream/toonami crap (i.e. Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, NaruTARD). There was even a white girl there that introduced herself as an "otaku", and proudly showed off her American made NARUTARD t-shirt and American made Hagane no Renkinjutsu (which she actually said in her broken Japanese accent) to the class.

It was a very painful introduction to listen to, if you hadn't noticed.
And god, when she mentioned that her favorite JPOP singer was Gackt, I was almost ready to strangle her.

Not to sound bias or anything, but it's hard for me to label someone as an otaku if they only keep up with whatever that's available to them via cable tv. So when some person goes up and claims that they're an "OTAKU", I just shake my head at them and think "Oh god, now why would you ever want to admit something like that?".

So for the record people, OTAKU is not a good thing to by. In fact, it's a pretty negative, and very embarrassing way to describe yourself. Unless you're crazy enough to actually keep up with the over 9000 anime/manga series that are only out in Japan, THEN you will have to sadly admit to yourself that you are indeed an otaku.

Like me :( and possibly good chunk of my f-list as well.
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Good work, マリ...
Wooo. It's, been a while. Haha, god yes I'm lazy :(

This is so epically LATE but:

My photos of AX 2008

I had a lot more but haha I apparently SUCK at taking pictures orz I also have photos of the Gintama shoot that took place on Sunday but those will have to wait since there's like a hueg amount of them.

And since I'm posting anyways, here's a i_s_l_a_n_d_rp meme taken from lassos because it looked so cute ♥

darn voices in my headCollapse )

By the way, if any of you were at the SekiToshi panel at AX, I was the one that told him that youtube actually had that pocket song that he sung in that children tv program he was in (except now they removed it ;_;). As well as the one who asked him to say I love in Luva-sama's voice AND SAID MY NAME WITH IT OH GOD WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT ASKDA AKJSDHA DADAS DASDKAD ASDKDFS ASLKFCALFC LDCA DAALFA; AKDAD ADKASDLAA FAO FALDLDCA;

いやん、関さん好きいいいいvvvv いっしょう付いてきますうううvvvv
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